“I create works that remind us of ancient relics, extinct creatures, and past civilizations that on close inspection are deeply connected to what it feels like to be an American right now.”



“Using dryer lint as the medium – the fibers and debris shed from our lives and typically discarded without thought – my sculptures are archaeologically layered and open to personal interpretation. The tell-tale evidence of daily lives found in the lint, such as ticket stubs, paper clips, pet hair and bandages, can evoke our own memories. I hope the work engages the viewer intellectually, emotionally, and playfully. I sculpt works for the pristine box of galleries from the least glamorous of materials, but also exhibit provocative work in laundromats. I hope my work prompts viewers to reflect on the mass amounts of by-product produced by systems of mechanization. I also hope it brings an unexpected aesthetic pleasure to the mundane task of doing laundry. The push/pull between the beautiful everyday-ness of the material and the overwhelming amount of waste humans produce drives my work.  These figures speak to all of us; they challenge us to consider what we are missing, speak to the angst of our times and reflect the solitary nature of existence.”

— Cheryl Capezzuti




Copyright: Cheryl Capezzuti 2023