Here are links to a few articles over the years that are quoted on this site:

“[Capezzuti’s projects…remind people that art can be found in our everyday surroundings—or, if it isn’t, that we can create it.” –Missy Raterman in In Pursuit of Puppets

Quote: “Children … oohed and aahed at the giant puppets.” Lori Shotz in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It’s just been so cool to see these things come to life from cardboard.” –Puppet participant Laura Bilski  in Patch

“Spiffy, inclusive, well-designed and thought-provoking“ Mary Thomas, Art Critic in The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Like a child’s imagination brought to life” –Robert Isenberg for Pittsburgh Magazine

“[Capezzuti] has hit on a common denominator in the laundry-drying world while provoking questions about the nature of art. To find all this and humor too is a rare thing.” Ellen Wilson, Art Critic for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Capezzuti’s sculptures are full of life — most likely because they are full of the lives of the people who have donated bits and pieces of themselves ….they couple accessibility with intelligence. Leslie Hoffman, Art Critic for The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“At first, I thought the idea was extremely bizarre. After all, this is a laundry. But when I saw what she did with dryer lint, I thought it was unbelievable.” Laundromat Owner Steven Rudick in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review For the love of lint: Woman turns trash into works of art – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“It sounded wacky, but it also sounded unique. I was able to say at the first meeting, this hasn’t ever been done before.” Douglas Levine, Colorfast composer in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…the show gets high marks with kids for some sure-fire giggle inducers…” Alice Carter, Theater Critic, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“A lot of the art Cheryl Capezzuti creates starts out as a pile of trash. But set her loose on a heap of stuff most people toss out…and she will spin her magic to turn it into whimsical works of art.” Tony Russo for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“… Capezzuti [is] used to providing students, young and old, with an aesthetic appreciation of the significant role that everyday rituals play in our lives.” –Jill Cueni-Cohen for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“An artist like Cheryl Capezzuti…can find a whole world inside a discarded electrical box.” –Brian C. Rittmeyer for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Here’s The National Lint Project at the Geek Art/Green Innovators (GA/GI) Festvial: Festival

“Cheryl Capezzuti may be the most visible Pittsburgh artist you’ve never seen.”

–Mary Thomas in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Bunnies are featured here in a TV commercial for the Allegheny County Library Association: