“[Capezzuti’s] projects…remind people that art can be found in our everyday surroundings—or, if it isn’t, that we can create it.”

–Missy Raterman in In Pursuit of Puppets   

Dust Mop Fairy, hand and rod puppet assembled from discarded gloves, dryer lint and various scraps. Photo: Renee Rosensteel.

Capezzuti has used found, discarded and donated materials for more than 20 years to  make puppets for parades, pageants, traditional and experimental theater, installations, gallery exhibition, children’s programming and commissioned work.

Photo Credit JenBen Media
Parade Puppet, assembled from recycled mattress foam, donated table cloths and plastic bags, 8′ tall, 2017. Photo: JenBen Photography.
Self-portrait in scraps from the studio floor, hand and rod puppet, 2018, Photo Larry Rippel.
“Song from a Lost Civilization,” Created with writer/director Kellee Van Aken, featuring puppets assembled from discarded attic findings, 2016
“All that We Know,” created with writer/director Kellee Van Aken, featuring puppets from recycled mattress foam and silicone, 2018


“Aesop’s Fables” commissioned by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, featuring puppets made from books and other library findings, 2019

Top quote from:

In Pursuit of Puppets: A Pittsburgh Romance

By Missy Raterman for Creative Nonfiction