“[Capezzuti’s] projects…remind people that art can be found in our everyday surroundings—or, if it isn’t, that we can create it.”

–Missy Raterman in In Pursuit of Puppets   



Irreplaceable Parts. Photo: Larry Rippel

Fuzzy Boundary Production is Cheryl Capezzuti’s puppet theater company created with writer/director Kellee Van Aken, her long-time collaborator. Through almost 20 years of making art together they have produced a number of original musical and theatrical productions for children. Recently they have been focusing their attention on the creation of short form puppet work designed with an adult audience in mind.  Their work originally grew out of The National Lint Project and they produced much of their early work at Duds ‘N Suds laundromat. Today they are interested in performing their thought-provoking work at Puppet Slams, festivals and small venues.

Their current portfolio includes:




All that We Know. Photo: Larry Rippel


Dining in Space. Photo: Larry Rippel


Irreplaceable Parts. Photo: Larry Rippel


Too Much of a Good Thing. Photo: Larry Rippel


Song from a Lost Civilization. Photo: Larry Rippel


Top quote from:

In Pursuit of Puppets: A Pittsburgh Romance

By Missy Raterman for Creative Nonfiction