“Cheryl’s dedication, enthusiasm and general joy around this project is contagious, and the parade’s popularity and success can be directly linked to her and her team.”

Sarah Aziz, Director, First Night Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust



A fancy bird dances in the First Night Pittsburgh Parade. Photo: Don Wright


Capezzuti and her team of collaborators have been producing the First Night Pittsburgh parade almost every year since 1998. Want to get involved? Check out the events page or join the Facebook group Puppets for Pittsburgh. Capezzuti also collaborates with many community groups to produce parades large and small and loans her puppets out to the community so you can make a parade all by yourself. Check out the Libraries link to learn how.

More parade images:

Parade Puppets. Photo: Jason Cohn
A dressed-up pedicab joins the parade. Photo: Renee Rosensteel
Art Car created with Artist Katya Malkin. Photo: Jason Cohn
Art Car created with artist Jan Loney. Photo: Jason Cohn


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Puppet master: Cheryl Capezzuti’s creations captivate Pittsburgh crowds

by Joann Klimovich Harrop