“[Capezzuti] has hit on a common denominator in the laundry-drying world while provoking questions about the nature of art. To find all this and humor too is a rare thing.”

–Ellen Wilson, Art Critic

Dryer Lint Donation. Photo: Renee Rosensteel

The National Lint Project is a community art making inquiry that began in 1994 as a sculptural lark and hit it’s stride during a four-year-long residency in a working laundromat from 2000-2004. It has grown to include exhibits, installations of human-sized figures, contemporary puppetry and performance events.

Photo credit: Larry Rippel

The National Lint Project is currently accepting donations of lint from single households that have been collecting for a year or more or submissions from an entire neighborhood or group of connect individuals that total about a trash bag full of lint. To participate write a very short note about who you are or how you feel about doing laundry. Send your submission to Studio Capezzuti, 1509 Termon Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Red Towel Lint. Photo: Renee Rosnesteel

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