“Community-based production seems to be the essence of this artist’s unique work.”

–staff writer for the Northside Chronicle

Puppets for Pittsburgh is a free lending library of giant puppets. You can visit the puppets and check giant puppets out with a library card at the Braddock Carnegie Free Library. You can also contact Cheryl at Studio Capezzuti to check out a puppet directly from the studio located in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood of Brighton Heights. People often wonder about puppets being damaged through the library lending system. It’s important to note that the puppets were made by many hands in community workshops and they belong to the world. So far, the world has taken pretty good care of them. Cheryl Capezzuti also regularly drops by the library for workshops and hosts workshops at her studio to maintain the puppet collection.

Puppets for Pittsburgh is funded in part through the PA Partners in the Arts. PA Partners is a regranting initiative of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), a state agency. State government funding for the arts depends on an annual appropriation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.  PA Partners is administered in this region by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

Contact the Braddock Carnegie Free Library: http://www.braddockcarnegielibrary.org/



Top quote from:

Puppets: A Project that became a Passion

in the Northside Chronicle