“This project is about joy and laughter, and brings together diverse people to engage with their fellow neighbor.”

–Emery Ling, Awesome Pittsburgh


When people from different places with different kinds of faces join together to laugh and share an experience, we can see ourselves in our fellow humans. Giant Puppet Dance Club invites you to participate in this latest experiment in community connection, laughter and delight. It’s easy: Show up, put on a giant puppet and follow along in dance.

The best way to get involved with Giant Puppet Dance Club is to join our Facebook Group: Giant Puppet Dance Club

A number of Giant Puppet Dance Clubs will form for the First Night Pittsburgh parade. If you have a group that might like to dance together in the parade on New Years Eve or are an individual that wants to join a dance club, check the our events page in October or send me an email at cheryl@studiocapezzuti.com.


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Award #81: Giant Puppet Dance Party, Awesome Pittsburgh